c r e e p e r    l a g o o n

Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows! It was thrilling to play a bunch of sold out shows nearly 20 years since we last played together. What an unbelievable experience.
Thank you!!!

So what's next? We are considering whether we can do some more shows here and there. We can't go crazy and do a tour because we all have responsibilities. But we're giving a lot of thought to playing a show in New York City later this summer, and we won't rule out doing the occasional show here or there if it feels right (assuming we can afford it! Turns out it's pretty expensive to play shows when band members lives in different cities).

In the meantime many of you are aware that we printed up a songbook to give out to people who came to the show. We thought it would be fun to share that file with you, so here it is:

The Official Creeper Lagoon Songbook

The songbook is designed to be printed double sided (i.e. both sides of paper), and if you select "booklet" as the layout option on your printer, it should make a nice little book.

We would love to see your covers, so if you do one, email us a link to your YouTube video, and we'll post it here on our website.
Until next time, love to all of you!

Dan, Dave, Ian, and Sharky.

Artwork by Bird Machine

Bottom Of The Hill, SF, CA
2/26/17 Matinee - SOLD OUT!
2/26/17 Evening - SOLD OUT!
The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
3/3/17 Friday - SOLD OUT!

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